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How to Earn Money Just By Being a Nice Person

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There are hundreds of ways to earn money online and countless "How-To" sites. None would have an easier method, however, than this plan for earning spare cash. This meets our 4 criteria for being a great plan:

1: It is free to do.
2: It is incredibly easy to do.
3: It takes just a few minutes to do.
4: It helps others in the process.

Step by Step Instructions:

1: Sign up for a free account at This is a cash back site which pays you up to 40% for shopping at over 5,000 merchants. (You likely shop at many of these stores already - See our Full Review of this site).

2: Once signed up, post your referral link on Facebook and Twitter (or by email) for your friends and followers to see. BeFrugal does most of the work for you. See their help screen below:

BeFrugal Refer A Friend form

That's it. The signup takes about 5 minutes and the posts to Facebook and/or Twitter take another 30 seconds each.

What happens next? As your referrals sign up and comply with BeFrugal's policy, you get $15 for each one. Everyone would like extra cash back for shopping where they already do. It is a no-brainer. You are helping folks easily put money back into their pockets and earning a reward for doing so.

Some Tips:

Ask your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to share and re-Tweet your posts. The possibilities of reaching a very large group of people this way is quite evident. It is perfectly acceptable to re-post your link periodically (without spamming).

Use the email feature to reach friends and family who are not on Facebook or Twitter or who visit these sites infrequently.

Post your referral link on Instagram, as well. The potential reach is great.

Post your referral link on a work or club bulletin board, if allowed.

If you have a personal blog, post your referral link there, as well.

This is a great way to pick up extra money for a minimal amount of effort. The site, itself is a reward, with cash back to you that you were not previously getting. Use this site to your full benefit.

More Ways to Earn Referral Rewards:

The following web sites feature similarly great rewards programs, with an easy "post to Facebook" and email tool. The set up is simple and these are additional ways to earn spare cash with just a few minutes time spent on each. Use these sites, yourself, as well. They all offer great deals and money back into your own pocket.

Ebates Free to join, $50 for 2 friends referred. $150 for 10 friends referred. $400 for 25 friends referred. Each friend gets a $10 welcome bonus.

TopCashBack Free to join, earn $10 for each referral.

Groupon Free to join, earn $10 in Groupon Bucks for each referral. Free to join, earn a $10 gift certificate for each referral. (See our Full Review).

Please read each site's terms and conditions for earning your referral rewards. Best wishes.

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