Kids fun Questions ! How & Why?

Question 1 : Why do we laugh?

Answer: Laughter is one way of releasing tension when you find something funny. Your face muscles lift up the corners of your lips, and your breathing muscle, or diaphragm, pushes air through your voice box.

Question 2: Why do I cry?

Answer: A good long cry is another way to release tension, A tear gland in each eye produces water as soon as your brain sends the message to cry. Tears also help wash dust or eyelashes out of your eyes.

Question 3: Why am I ticklish?

Answer: Your body has lots of sensitive spots. When they are touched lightly, your brain makes you react quickly, but since it doesn’t hurt, you laugh!

Question 4: Why am I thirsty?

Answer: Your body contains water, which you lose by sweating and going to the bathroom. Feeling thirsty is your brain’s way of saying that it’s time to replace this lost water.

Question 5: Why do I get hungry?

Answer: Food is very important, and feeling hungry is your body’s way of telling you that you need to eat Food gives your body the energy to work properly and to help you grow.

Question 6: Why does my tummy grumble?

Answer: Growls and gurgles from your tummy can sound funny. They happen when your tummy is empty of food and its muscles are churning around the gas and juices left inside.

Question 7: Why do I get hiccups?

Answer: Hiccups can happen if you eat or drink too quickly. They are short, sudden gasps of air, caused when your diaphragm moves up and down more sharply than usual.

Question 8: Why do I lose my baby teeth??

Answer: You have to lose your baby, or milk, teeth to make room for an adult set. Children have only 20 teeth. Most grown-ups have 32

Question 9: Why are my teeth different shapes?

Answer: Teeth are designed to help you eat. You have biters at the front, sharp tearers at the sides, and flat chewers, or molars, at the back. Animals grow special teeth, too. Lions have long fangs to tear meat, while cows have lots of molars to munch grass.

Question 10: Why do I have to brush my teeth?

Answer: Millions of tiny germs live in your mouth, feeding on food stuck between your teeth. Unless you brush well, these germs will make your smile disappear – tooth by tooth.

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Question 11: Why should I wear sunscreen:?

Answer: The sun gives off harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause your skin to burn – and that hurts! Sunscreen stops these rays from reaching your skin.

Question 12: Why do people have different-colored skin?

Answer: A person’s skin color depends on how much melanin there is in the top layer of their skin, the epidermis. The more melanin, the darker the skin color. If your skin has a yellow tint, you have a coloring called carotene.

Question 13: Why do I have eyelashes?

Answer: Two hundred eyelashes help protect each of your eyes. If they are touched – even by a bit of lint – these super-sensitive hairs “tell” your eyelids to close instantly.

Question 14: Why doesn’t it hurt when my hair is cut?

Answer: Healthy hair is nothing more than dead cells. You won’t feel any pain when these dead cells are cut, but it would hurt to pull them out from the living root!

Question 15: Why do I have nails?

Answer: Nails are made from keratin. This hard coating protects your fingertips and provides extra support to your bones when you do things such as write.

Question 16: Why do men shave?

Answer: Men’s bodies produce a chemical that makes body hair grow. Men shave to stop beards from growing

Question 17: Why do I blush?

Answer: Just under your skin’s surface are tiny blood vessels. When you are embarrassed, these vessels widen, so more blood flows through them, making your face red.

Question 18: Why do I have veins?

Answer: Your heart pumps blood to every far corner of your body. Veins return blood to the heart for fresh supplies of oxygen

Question 19: Why do headstands turn my face red?

Answer: You’re not built to walk around on your head, so your heart has a hard time keeping blood away from it when you’re upside down!

Question 20: Why are there twins?

Answer: No, you’re not seeing double! A baby grows from a fertilized egg.Identical twins are born when this egg splits into two parts.

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Question 21: Why do people have different colored eyes?

Answer: In giving you life, your parents passed on a special mixture of chemicals called genes, which determined the way you look – including your eye color.

Question 22: Why is my hair curly?

Answer: Human heads are like giant pincushions, full of tiny holes, or follicles, from which hairs grow. Round follicles produce straight hair. Curly hairs come from flat follicles

Question 23: Why do babies sleep so much?

Answer: Newborn babies will happily sleep for 20 hours a day (with lots of waking up in between!). They need plenty of sleep because they have a lot of growing to do.

Question 24: Why do I have to go to bed?

Answer: Everybody needs a good night’s sleep- It’s when your brain sorts out the things that happen each day, and when your body has a chance to heal itself.

Question 25: Why does a stretch feel good?

Answer: Muscles get shorter and fatter when they are working. It feels good to stretch them out, and it helps you relax.

Question 26: Why do I yawn?

Answer: Open wide! You take a big, deep gulp of air whenever your body needs more oxygen to help you wake up.

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