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Dollars for Your Thoughts: Paid Online Surveys

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Dollars for Your Thoughts: Paid Online SurveysOne of the most fun ways to earn spare cash at home is by completing surveys. Everyone wants to have their opinion heard, for self-fulfilling purposes and to shape consumer products in the future.

When you add the extra income going into your pocket, it is a WIN-WIN situation. This can be done entirely on YOUR schedule and at YOUR pace. The following is our top recommended site for doing such. It comes with a 60-day iron-clad money-back guarantee (small set-up fee of $39), thus removing all of your risk.

Note: has purchased this program. It offers a legitimate opportunity to earn money online, at one's leisure. As with most earnings opportunities, the amounts to be earned are directly related to the time and effort spent by the user. The simple equation is this: More time and effort=More earnings.

TakeSurveysForCash Merchant's Description: "Large multi-billion dollar corporations need your feedback and suggestions about their products and are willing to pay huge sums of money to get it. Enter your name and email and be shown how to take your first $50 paid survey."






How to Earn Money from a Hobby or Interest


How to Earn Money from a Hobby or InterestDo you have a penchant for a certain topic? Examples: Your recipes are the best. You have a real skill for finding great deals. You know more than all of your friends about fishing, camping, music, movies, etc.

These hobbies and interests can earn you some spare bucks and depending on the effort involved, many bucks. Bluehost offers web sites starting at $3.95/month. GoDaddy is the world's largest registrar, with incredibly low prices (1 cent for your first year).

Even if you have no design experience, whatsoever, it is still a simple process, using the free WordPress platform. WordPress powers 28% of the internet, for good reason: They're great.

Their tools, layouts, tips and help are designed for absolute beginners.

The key is to set up, put out your thoughts and then monetize it. What does this mean? "Affiliate Marketing" is a fancy term for earning commissions on someone else's products. How is that possible?

The basic principle is identical to this: You have a friend that owns a small store or boutique. She asks you to go and spread the word and if anyone comes in and buys an item based on your recommendation, she will give you 5% or 10% of the sale. A great deal for a little bit of effort.

Now imagine that you have thousands of friends who offer you this same deal, at no cost. Big friends: Amazon, Best Buy, Ebay, etc. All of these vendors (and thousands more) do indeed offer you this deal.

The steps:

  1. Set up a simple blog or web site
  2. Apply to the Affiliate Marketing programs of your choice.
  3. Place their ready-made ads on your site
  4. Earn cash

Obviously, you need visitors to your site to earn money in this way. The more, the better.

These are but a few of the ways that we have used to get free traffic (visitors) to a web site or blog:

Social Media: What a gift this is! If I were to tally up all of my Facebook friends and their friends, it would literally go into the tens of thousands. What a great place to start! Let your new site be known and ask your friends to spread the word. But DO NOT SPAM!

Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest offers similar types of "free advertising" opportunties.

Personal Word of Mouth: Still one of the most effective ways to spread the word about any topic. Through personal contact or a bulletin board at work or social club, this method can be invaluable.

Internet forums: You may already belong to some, favorite sports teams, interests, etc. Many will allow you to put a link to your web site or blog in your signature. Again, DO NOT SPAM!

Guest blog: If you are already a regular visitor to blogs in your areas of interest, begin to participate. This is a great way to link back to your own site. Remember the spam rule!

LinkedIn: If you already have a profile, simply add the link to your web site or blog there. LinkedIn is a massive community. This is a big potential market.

The possibilities are endless and we have listed just a cursory review of the process here. If you are an absolute beginner, do not fret. We recommend Lisa Irby's web site, "How to Create a Web Site". Lisa is a highly successful online entrepreneur who began with nothing. She is as down-to-earth as they come and will be a great companion, every step of the way.