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Words in Progress: Random Musings

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Random MusingsRandom thoughts on a Saturday morning: Words can praise, uplift, hurt, etc. But here, they just make you shake your head..

Meet Me at the Breakfast Bar

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I am neither a doctor nor a nutritionist so I have been following this just on faith. I must admit that it can be somewhat depressing as the day goes on, though, and has actually caused me some social awkwardness. A friend of mine recently called and invited me to lunch. I responded, "Sure, but it won't be as important as the meal I'll have earlier that day." I think I may have hurt her feelings.

Batman has Nothing on this Guy

We were on the beach one day when I overheard another couple's conversation: Wife: "Are you going to take a shower?" Husband: "No, I'm just going to put a hat on". I remember thinking, "Wow, that has to be one magical hat! If I could somehow get ahold of that prototype, I'd never have to work again." I was all set to follow them until my wife stepped in.

Big News for Master Chefs:

During a recent trip to the supermarket, I spotted this fancy looking gadget on the shelf. In big red letters, the box boasted "Grilled Cheese Made Easy!" Is anyone having trouble making one of these?? My goodness, it's one step above making ice. Even I can do it. The recipe is practically built into the title. Short of burning it, I don't know how you can go wrong the "old-fashioned" way. This is one item that we will likely not promote.

When is "Free" not "Free"?

When it's "Super Free", of course. As I navigate the internet, I stop and marvel sometimes at the variations people come up with to enhance the word "free", as if its native form isn't good enough. This is particularly prevalent in our field, personal finance web sites..

"Absolutely Free!"
"Completely Free!"
"Totally Free!"
"100% Free!"

"Free" is one of those words like "perfect". It doesn't need any allies. It can fight its own battles. It's strong, independent, a real butt kicker. In fact, "free" may very well be the #1 word in the English language. It's the "Google" of the dictionary. The king of the hill. This little 4-letter word has worked hard to gain its reputation and I believe that it would take offense to some of this needless "dressing up".

NFL Play for (Big) Pay

Another football season is right around the corner. I am a huge fan and can barely contain my excitement. I may be showing my age here but when I was a young boy, the NFL players made almost nothing compared to today's salaries (minimum $465,000). In fact, many of them had to work real jobs in the off-season to make ends meet, just like you and me. Crazy, but true. Can you envision one of these scenarios in 2017?

Home Depot Manager: "Ok, we have a new man starting today, Tom Brady. Show him how we stack the Rustoleum."

Burger King managers meeting: "This guy Cam Newton is pretty good on the drive-thru, let's bump him up to 10 bucks an hour."

Hopefully, the players are cognizant of their league's history and will give us a season to remember.





Wacky Workplace Words:

Workplace Words

I have many years of experience being in the corporate "show" and on most days that term could be taken literally. They say that laughter is the best medicine. If that is true, I have worked with some pretty good "doctors" and "nurses" along the way. The stories are real, the names have been withheld or changed to protect the nutty..

Manager: You cannot tell another living soul about this.
Employee: I understand.
Manager: I'm serious, not even your pets. Do you have any?
Employee: I had a turtle but he died.
Manager: Excellent.  See Full Article




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